you know what pisses me off?

people that romanticize things like serial killers, death, satan, self harm

those kinda people

cause its like God forgives all but I sure as hell dont

cause God loves all but you gotta earn your spot in His Kingdom

dont do that shit

I’m pretty sure the majority of people who supposedly “romanticize” those things don’t want a fictional being’s forgiveness nor care about a spot in a fictional place.

Youre really going to use your religion to disrespect another? What happened to ‘love thy neighbor as thyself?’

No, im pretty sure youre god is the best so it doesnt matter. But you know what I hate?

People that romanisize things like the bible, the virgin mary, saints, and churches.

Its really not healthy to spend your life gawking over old books and charaters in a story. Also, going to church on sundays is a religious ritual.

I suggest if you dont want to be a sinner in your own religion, dont be a hypocrite towards others.

Your god dont play that shit.

[O]ne trillion, trillion, trillion years from now, the accelerating expansion of the universe will have disintegrated the fabric of matter itself, terminating the possibility of embodiment. Every star in the universe will have burnt out, plunging the cosmos into a state of absolute darkness and leaving behind nothing but spent husks of collapsed matter. All free matter, whether on planetary surfaces or in interstellar space, will have decayed, eradicating any remnants of life…. [T]he stellar corpses littering the empty universe will evaporate into a brief hailstorm of elementary particles. Atoms themselves will cease to exist. Only the implacable gravitational expansion will continue, driven by the currently inexplicable force called ‘dark energy’, which will keep pushing the extinguished universe deeper and deeper into an eternal and unfathomable blackness.
Ray Brassier, Nihil Unbound  (via poeticsofdeath)